New Reagan Institute Survey Shines Light on Americans’ Foreign Policy Attitudes

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute released the results of the Reagan Institute Summer survey, conducted by the bipartisan team of Beacon Research (D) and Shaw and Company Research (R). The national poll surveyed 1,254 Americans on foreign policy and national security issues, ranging from America’s global leadership and U.S. defense spending to specific questions on China, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Iran, and immigration.

The poll found that Americans want leaders to not only focus on issues at home, but also demonstrate global leadership by maintaining a strong military, promoting international trade, and defending human rights abroad. In the face of a rising deficit, defense spending remained a priority for many, with 58% opposing cuts to military spending to reduce the budget deficit. Americans were also firmly opposed to cutting infrastructure spending (67% opposed) and Social Security / Medicare (72%) to reign in the deficit. Poll results also indicated support for sending military aid to Ukraine, deterring Chinese aggression against Taiwan, and remaining assertive against Iran.

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More information about the Reagan Institute Summer Survey, including full topline results, is available here.